About us

We’re a young, Zurich-based company and develop our products in cooperation with Swiss dentists and dental experts. Our goal: a bright, white smile for everyone.

Whether it’s a date, a party or a meeting - in every situation in life we’re perceived more positively if we smile. We look self-confident, happy and more radiant. Even when we’re sometimes on the losing side: anyone who smiles somehow always wins.

But well-cared-for, white teeth are part of a beautiful smile.

And that´s how Alpine White’s story began.Due to our lifestyle, at the time we were consuming a lot of coffee, tea and pigmented sweet drinks that discoloured our teeth.We were looking for a way to make our teeth white again and could only find high-priced bleaching at the dentist.

Have you already smiled today? About an SMS from your girlfriend, who’s looking forward to the weekend? About a pleasant meeting with a stranger on the bus? Because someone held the door open for you or invited you for dinner? About a recipe of yours that turned out well, or because today’s the start of a new season of your favourite TV series? Enjoy your day. We’d like to see you smile.

For everyone

We established Alpine White with the aim of bringing a product to market that’s easily available to everyone. In cooperation with a Swiss dentist, we developed the Whitening Strips, the easy-to-use strips for whitening teeth at home.

We focus both on high quality at fair prices and on sustainable production, which takes into account humanitarian, social and ecological factors, in addition to economic efficiency. That’s why our products are vegan, climate neutral and we donate for every product purchased to the Swiss foundation Wasser für Wasser.

Our goal

In 2014, we successfully launched our first product on the Swiss market: the Alpine White Whitening Strips. A lot has happened since then. We’ve developed new products and now distribute Alpine White in Europe as well. Our products are available online as well as in retail stores and pharmacies.

We continue to work hard in the background. What began as a niche product for teeth bleaching is gradually being developed into a coherent range of products for natural dental hygiene. We still keep our goal in mind: a smart, white smile for everyone.





Our Products


Whitening Kit

€66.901 pc (€66.90 / 1 pc)+ Add to cart

Charcoal Powder

€18.9030 g (€63.00 / 100 g)+ Add to cart


€3.901 pc (€3.90 / 1 pc)+ Add to cart

Whitening Strips Sensitive

€20.9014 pc (€1.49 / 1 pc)+ Add to cart

Whitening Foam

€13.9050 ml (€27.80 / 100 ml)+ Add to cart


Whitening Gel

€32.903 pc (€10.97 / 1 pc)+ Add to cart

Whitening Bundle

€56.901 pc (€56.90 / 1 pc)+ Add to cart

Whitening Bundle Sensitive

€52.901 pc (€52.90 / 1 pc)+ Add to cart

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