What does Alpine White offer?

At Alpine White, you’ll find everything you need for oral hygiene, dental care and home bleaching. We have developed the products in cooperation with Swiss dentists and every batch is tested by a Swiss laboratory. Our aim is to offer a comprehensive range of high-quality products at fair prices.

What does the PETA label “cruelty-free and vegan” stand for?

PETA is an organization that works internationally to defend animal rights. The PETA certification “cruelty-free and vegan” means that our products are not tested on animals and don’t contain any animal ingredients.

What do I use the Charcoal Powder for?

You can use the Charcoal Powder to remove stubborn stains and discolouring, such as those caused by coffee, tea or smoking, from your teeth. You use it twice a week, in addition to normal dental hygiene.

Are there any side effects?

If you follow our recommendations for use, the Powder is harmless.

How abrasive is the Powder?

The Charcoal Powder has a higher RDA value than a toothpaste. That’s why it also removes stubborn discolouration and plaque so effectively. You won’t harm your teeth with it as long as you follow our recommendation to use it no more than twice a week. You can do this without any problems.

Can the Powder discolour my toothbrush and washbasin?

The Powder consists of natural activated charcoal. It’s very light and can create dust. Be careful when opening the can that you don’t spread it everywhere. If that should happen, you can simply rinse the Charcoal Powder off the washbasin and floor tiles with water. The bristles of the toothbrush may discolour slightly, this is normal.

Is it hygienically safe to apply the product directly from the can?

If you dip the toothbrush into the Powder, there will then be bacteria in the Powder. This is inevitable. Therefore, once a can is open, you shouldn’t use it for more than 6 months.

How long does it take until I see the first whitening results?

After only one to three days, you’ll see that your teeth are whiter.

How long does the whitening effect last?

Usually about 18 months. It also depends on your lifestyle habits: the less pigmented foods and beverages you consume like coffee, tea, cola, red wine, curry or tobacco, the longer the effect will last.

Will my entire set of teeth be whitened?

No, only the front, visible teeth will be whitened.

What if I have fillings or dentures?

The Strips whiten only your natural teeth. Fillings, crowns or (ceramic) veneers retain their original shade.

I used the Strips for the first time today and I find that my teeth somehow look stained.

This can happen. The reason is that many teeth have an uneven fluoride or calcium content. The places that contain less fluoride or calcium whiten more quickly with home bleaching, and then look like stains on the first days of treatment. But this will return to normal again, usually within 60 to 90 minutes of application.

Can I eat, drink or smoke during application?

If you’d like to get an optimal result, we recommend you don’t eat during application. Drinking is fine, but we recommend water rather than pigmented drinks such as coffee, tea or cola. You should refrain from smoking for two hours before and after, as well as during, application.

How does whitening work?

Active ingredients remove the coloured pigments from your teeth. The teeth are thus sustainably whitened. Make sure the strips are applied close to the teeth and also fill the grooves between the teeth. In this way the whitening becomes even.

What’s the difference between the Classic and Sensitive Strips?

The formula is virtually the same. The Sensitive Strips were developed especially for sensitive teeth and are therefore slightly milder.

How often can I apply the Strips?

One pack of Whitening Strips contains 7 Strips for a 7-day application cycle. You’ll have beautiful white teeth within one week. After one cycle, we recommend a one-week break. The teeth can re-mineralize and the whiteness will grow firmer.

After that, you can start another 7-day cycle if necessary, or just apply a single Strip from time to time to whiten up a little.

Can I use the Strips during pregnancy and while breastfeeding?

Each pregnancy is as individual as you are. That’s why we are not making a recommendation on this. Please consult your doctor before applying the Alpine White Strips if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

Can saliva be swallowed during application?

The concentration of the ingredients in saliva is so low that it can be swallowed without any problems. But please note that you must not swallow the complete Strips under any circumstances.

Will the Strips make my teeth more sensitive?

It may happen in rare cases that your teeth and gums feel slightly hypersensitive during the treatment. In such cases we recommend you take a break. The feeling will subside in 1 or 2 days. After that, you can continue with the application as usual.

What do I have to do if the Strips stick fast to the foil and cannot be detached, or if the gel remains stuck to the foil?

Generally, the strips can be detached quite easily. If this doesn’t work, they may have been stored at too warm a temperature. Maybe you’re also applying too much pressure? In that case, try to hold the pouch only at the edges.

What do I have to do if it’s hard to remove the Strips from my teeth?

Basically, it’s important that the Strips are firmly in place during application and don’t slip, so that whitening becomes even. If you find that they’re hard to remove afterwards, you can moisten your teeth slightly before application.

How does it differ from the Strips?

The Whitening Kit uses Blue Light Technology and the treatment time is only 15 minutes per day. The Strips, on the other hand, are worn daily for 1 hour.

Can I whiten all my teeth with it?

As with the Strips, only the visible teeth are whitened. But with the Kit, you can also whiten tooth surfaces for which the Strips are not optimal. For example, on special tooth positions, when individual teeth are slanted or close together.

How do you apply the Gel?

You turn the lower part of the pen until the Gel comes out at the tip of the brush. Then you apply it to the tooth surface with the brush, similarly to the way one varnishes one’s nails.

Why does no Gel come out of the pen?

The Gel comes out when you turn the lower part of the pen. If the gel no longer flows, it may have dried up. (Did you always close it again straight after use?) Or: the Pen is empty and you need a Refill Pack with 3 new Gel Pens.

What’s special about Alpine White Whitening Foam?

Its special feature is that it can be used both for general teeth cleaning at home and also in between times. It contains active ingredients that clean your teeth and protect them from new deposits. The Foam also has a temporary whitening effect. So it’s great before a meeting or date.

How does the whitening effect work?

The Whitening Foam contains an ingredient that’s effective in the UV range of daylight and makes your teeth look visually whiter. This effect lasts for one to two hours.

Can the Foam be swallowed?

We recommend letting the Foam act briefly and then spitting it out.  It’s not suitable for swallowing.

How long does a can of Foam last?

The Foam is very economical:  it lasts twice as long as a regular toothpaste.

What are the characteristics of the Toothbrush?

It’s not only elegant, but also ergonomically designed. Because it’s so light, you can hold it with your fingertips when brushing your teeth. This means you automatically apply no pressure on your teeth and thus protect the enamel.

What are the Toothbrush and packaging made of?

30% of the toothbrush consists of wheat straw, which is a by-product of the wheat industry and is therefore re-used as a raw material. In total, 50% of the Toothbrush is made from natural ingredients. The proportion that is plastic comes from recycled plastic and 100% of the packaging is made from recycled PET.

Can I use this Toothbrush if I suffer from allergies?

Yes, wheat straw is gluten-free and non-allergenic.

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