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Whitening Bundle

€56.901 pc (€56.90 / 1 pc)

White, well-cared-for teeth – that make you feel good. Three coordinated products for regular cleaning, care and whitening of your teeth.

The Bundle contains: 1x Charcoal Powder 1x Whitening Strips 1x Whitening Foam


Three steps to white, well-cared-for teeth: you’ll be able to see the first results after only three days.

Step 1: Cleaning
With the ALPINE WHITE Charcoal Powder, you remove naturally stubborn stains, plaque and tartar. This Powder contains 100% natural activated charcoal and is highly effective.

Step 2: Bleaching
The ALPINE WHITE Whitening Strips Classic enable you to whiten your teeth at home effectively and safely – in only 7 days your teeth will get a new sheen.

Step 3: Daily care
Regular application of ALPINE WHITE Whitening Foam will enable you to preserve the new, radiant whiteness of your teeth. You can use the foam as a toothpaste or as a mouthwash when travelling.


Angelika M.

Sehr, sehr, gut


Gutes Bundle, fairer Preis, macht Zähne weiss

Gianluca R.

Nach einer Woche mit dem Kit wurden meine Zähne wieder strahlend weiss! Danke!

Amin F.

Für jemanden der nur ab und zu seine Zähne aufhellen will, ist das Kit definitiv too much! Es reicht, wenn man sich entweder das Pulver oder die Streifen kauft, da beide sehr gut wirken.

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